Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Choosing the right color of matboard

Greetings, my fine feathered friend!

About a year ago, I started cutting my own mats for my artwork.  I wanted to be able to order small, single sheets of matboard in colors specific to individual pieces of art.  My pictures normally fit in 11x14 inch frames so I really didn't need a 32x40 inch sheet of a color I might not use again.  I also wanted to have samples of the matboard colors in hand so I could physically match them with my work.  Colors on the computer screen just don't cut it.  Yes, I am that picky. :)  Lucky for me, there is a place online that meets all the criteria: American Frame.  I ordered their set of Crescent matboard samples which is pictured below:

Now when I'm finished with a picture, I whip out this 100+ sample set and start playing the matching game.  It's essential that you test the matboard color against ALL sides of the artwork; what may look perfect in one corner may look terrible in another.  Each matboard sample has the item number and name of the color  on the back so ordering is easy.  Another great thing about American Frame is that you can order matboard with a specific size window cut.  For my odd-sized works I order one without a pre-cut window.
I use both the matboard color and the subject matter of my drawing in order to select a proper frame, but that is a discussion best left for another day.

Happy Flying!   

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