Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ocelot in juried show!

Greetings, my fine feathered friend!

Great news: my colored pencil ocelot "Up Close" made it into the NVAL Small Painting Show! :D  I was so excited I danced around the living room.  Very grown-up of me. :) 
What makes this so special to me is the fact that my piece is rendered in colored pencil, a medium which the art world tends to ignore.  I actually had past instructors that didn't consider pencil a "professional medium."  Seriously?  Colored pencil is done in layers, just like paint.  And with CP, it's really hard to erase a mistake.  I have seen amazing CP work that deserves the same level of respect that is given to paintings.  So I hope having my CP piece displayed in this juried show will raise awareness about the merits of colored pencil artists.
And to all you creatives out there: if you do what you love then you will do great things. 

Happy Flying!    


  1. Congratulations Sarah, I had feeling that it would get in.

  2. thats great news!! and nothing wrong with dancing around the living room, i would have done in too lol)

    i have had a lot of teacher think that cp are not a proper art material, but i have also had some that think otherwise. i guess it depends on the person but there are a lot of people that do think cp are just for kids


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