Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pencil Tip: Choosing the right color

Greetings, my feathered friend!
These days, trying to pick the right color of colored pencil from a 72+ set is like trying to find your car in the mall parking lot on Black Friday.  One way I've found to combat this pencil problem is to make a chart like the one pictured below.  

The chart lists all the names of the colors I have along with a 1/4 inch square sample of each color.  I also added the quantity for each pencil so I know when I need to replenish my stock. 

When I'm working on a drawing, I keep this chart beside my reference photo so I can easily pick out the pencils I need.  I don't have to spend time testing each pencil on a piece of scrap paper anymore!

Speaking of drawing, I have a half-finished ocelot begging for my attention.
Until next time: Happy flying!


  1. Great idea Sarah and one that I use myself.

  2. Thanks :) I always enjoy learning from other artists.


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