Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Barn Owl update

Greetings, my fine feathered friend!

Thanks to all of you who responded to my hair clip post the other day.  I value your insight! :)
Here is the progress on the barn owl so far.  I can't wait to get to the speckled plumage! :)  Have you ever had the opportunity to feel an owl feather?  It is so soft.  About a year or so ago, we had a barn owl take up residence on our property for a while.  She was kind enough to leave some feathers behind to remember her by.  I'm using one of them as my reference for the isolated feather drawing that will be below the owl portion of this piece.
Speaking of references, I thought I'd show how important the reference photo is for me when I do the details of a piece:

I hope to get some more done before this week is over.  Until next time: Happy flying!


  1. This is going to be absolutely stunning when finished,'s already looking fantastic! I agree, re. reference image....for realism art, you need a good and clear image.

  2. i held a barn owl for over an hour at an event for harry potter at a book store. don't care anything for harry potter, but wasn't going to pass on holding an owl :) was heavy after awhile :p

    this is looking great :D

    1. Wow, what an amazing experience! :) Thanks for sharing! :)


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