Saturday, June 8, 2013

Monarch Door Update

Greetings, my fine feathered friend!
Here is the progress I've made on the monarch doorknob drawing.  A funny thing happened the other day while I was working on this piece.  You see, it has been years since I've spotted a monarch around our property; the Tiger Swallow Tail butterflies rule around here.  I had just finished working on this piece and went outside to do some chores, and a monarch floated right past me!  It was as if the little creature had sprang to life from my drawing board.  God truly has a sense of humor! :)  
Happy Flying!


  1. Looking great! It's funny how sightings like that happen when we focus on certain things. :)

  2. coming along very nicely :)

    wish more butterflies would show up here...too wet i think tho


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