Friday, July 5, 2013

Jaguar Update: Part 6

Greetings, my fine feathered friend!
A few more hours of work and this jaguar will be finished! :D 
Until next time: Happy Flying!


  1. Beautiful! How did you get your whiskers and eyebrow hairs to look so good?
    I want to reach out and pet the velvety looking fur! Great job :)

    1. Thanks Peggy! :) How I got the whiskers & eyebrow hairs to look the way they do: before I start coloring, I use an embossing tool or the tip of a bone folder to make an impression of the line in the paper. This little trough keeps the color from covering the whisker line. If I do get some pigment in there, I just use the edge of an eraser to clean it out. When I'm done with the fur in that area, I then go over the whisker with a white colored pencil to give it a more natural look. Thanks for asking! :)

    2. Fantastic! Thanks for that explanation Sarah :)

  2. almost done, yay :) he is so soft and fuzzy looking


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